• 101 Class Off Road Driving Experience (Beginner)

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    This is not your typical club or company 101. 

    Learn the fundamentals of off road driving by registering for this 6 hour instructional class.

    With no classroom time the 101 class shows you what you as the driver and your vehicle are capable of doing.

    The curriculum covers approach, departure, break over angles, off camber situations, various hill climbs/down hills, choosing the correct drive line, mud and water obstacles, vehicle features such as traction control/hill decent combined with basic trail riding skills.

    Class fee is $175.00 per vehicle.

    Park fees still apply, please visit the off road park website for details.

    Full Size truck and SUV drivers (Dodge Ram 1500, Ford Raptor, Tahoe, Blazers, etc. Please email to see if your vehicle falls under this list)
    While your vehicles are fully capable of the trails the width and ground clearance of your particular vehicles are an issue that you need to be aware of.
    The trails you will encounter are tight/twisty areas that are not accommodating to full size trucks.
    With group guided rides and classes, these vehicles in question are at risk for damage due to the size of the vehicle.
    We encourage full size truck drivers to consider hiring a guide for a private guided ride or a private instructional class depending on what your goals are.
    Signing up for the private options allows the guide or trainer to choose full size friendly trails to limit the amount of scratches, dents, etc.
    If you have any questions please email offroadinstruction@gmail.com


     For details about Rausch Creek Off Road Park please visit www.rc4x4.org

    For details about AOAA please visit http://www.aoaatrails.com/


    Please check out the list of dates as we are adding new dates when other classes fill up.

    Check in is at 8:30am

    Class begins at 9am

    Class ends at 3pm


    This class was built with stock or slightly modified vehicle in mind.

    You do not need to bring any gear or equipment to participate in the class.

    We do recommend that you bring lunch with you.

    Please avoid bringing pets.


    If you are staying in the area overnight the Comfort Inn located in Pine Grove, Pa will discount your stay if you mention to them that you are a guest of Rausch Creek Off Road Park.


    Please fill out Off Road Consulting online waiver by clicking on the link provided below!


    Rausch Creek Off Road Park will require you to fill out a paper waiver the day of the ride.
    Please visit www.rc4x4.org for details.

    Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area has an online waiver that you can fill out ahead of time.

    Gift Certificates are available!! You have the option to choose the class with or without park fees. Please note if you choose the gift certificate option without park fees, these will be due the date of the class.

     For cancellation policies please refer to the Terms and Conditions Page.


    While we use our best efforts to provide you a safe off road training and driving experience, driving a vehicle off road is an inherently dangerous activity which presents serious risk of  injury/death or vehicle damage that cannot be controlled,eliminated or avoided.  Therefore, we do not assume any liability for personal injury, death or property damage that may occur to participants.  Due to the inherent risks and dangers posed by driving a vehicle off road, we cannot guarantee the safety of any participants or their vehicles