Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area SXS/UTV/UtilityATV Guided Trail Ride

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Please enter driver name, email and telephone number. If driver is age 15 yrs and younger please provide age and current weight
Please list machine year, make and model
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Please provide name and age of each passenger joining you

Why sign up for a guided trail ride?!

Take the stress out of following maps or trail head signs by letting the trail guide lead you through the trails!

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area is a big place with lots of various trail levels!

Our experienced, professional and fun trail guides will provide a 6 hour, follow the leader style trail ride through  trails.

While this trail ride offers no instruction (Please see our Instructional Trail Rides) the trail guides will offer advice and spot you through any obstacles you may need assistance with.

The guided trail rides are also a great opportunity to meet other off road drivers with similar trail preferences as you!

Things you need to know:
This ride is open to Utility ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side machines- no dirt bikes or race style ATVs please

All riders will need to provide and wear at all times proper safety equipment including a DOT approved helmet.
The driver must be size appropriate for the machine. 
Parent must accompany youth age 15 yrs and younger.
All ORVs have age restrictions and other requirements. Be sure to check your Owner’s Manual for machine requirements. Below are general guidelines:

Adult ORVs — Must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license
Includes both SxS and ATVs
ROHVA basic driver training is recommended
Passengers — Must be able to reach handholds and place feet flat on the floor/floorboards while their back is against the seat back with the seatbelt on.
Youth ORVs — There are models available for different age levels starting at 6 years old. These require adult supervision at all times. Youth under 16 should never operate full-size, adult ORVs.

Guided Ride Fee: $30.00 per machine- please register each driver/machine separately.
AOAA park fees are not included in the guided ride fee and are due the day of the ride.

Check in is at 8:30am
Ride begins at 9:00am
Ride ends at 3:00pm

Certified Helmet — Always wear a certified helmet.
Eye Protection — Eye protection is recommended to keep dust and flying debris out of your eyes.
Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants and Gloves — For protection from the elements.
Over-the-ankle Boots — Provide support and protection. Never ride with bare feet or sandals.

Please submit any questions to