The Frequent Wheeler Program

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Please provide name, phone number, email and vehicle description
Please mail the 12 ride pass to:

What to get the off road driver in your life?

Get them trail rides!

This pass is good for 12 Off Road Consulting monthly guided trail rides throughout the 2018 year (Jan 1st 2018-Dec 31st 2018)

Each ride cost $30.00 per road park fees are not included and due the day of the ride (s) a holiday special we are offering 12 rides for $270.00 per vehicle (Plus the off road park fees)

Buy 9 rides get 3 free!

How does this work?

The driver who is registered for the 12 rides will receive a code that they can use to register for any monthly guided ride for 2018 at either Rausch Creek or AOAA.

They can register throughout the year for 12 rides.

Park fees still apply and will be due the day of each ride.

Drivers who are registered must still "Pre-Register" online using their specific code that they will receive.

Questions can be sent to

Why sign up for the monthly guided trail ride?!

Take the stress out of following maps or trail head signs by letting the trail guide lead you through the trails!

Our experienced, professional and fun trail guides will provide a 6 hour, follow the leader style trail ride through  trails.

While this trail ride offers no instruction (Please see our Instructional Trail Rides) the trail guides will offer advice and spot you through any obstacles you may need assistance with.

Full Size truck and SUV drivers (Dodge Ram 1500, Ford Raptor, Tahoe, Blazers, etc. Please email to see if your vehicle falls under this list)
While your vehicles are fully capable of the trails the width and ground clearance of your particular vehicles are an issue that you need to be aware of.
The trails you will encounter are tight/twisty areas that are not accommodating to full size trucks.
With group guided rides and classes, these vehicles in question are at risk for damage due to the size of the vehicle.
We encourage full size truck drivers to consider hiring a guide for a private guided ride or a private instructional class depending on what your goals are.
Signing up for the private options allows the guide or trainer to choose full size friendly trails to limit the amount of scratches, dents, etc.
If you have any questions please email

Check in is at 8:30am

Start time: 9:00am

End time: 3:00pm

Please note if you are late for the 9am start time it will not change the 3pm end time.

If you are late for the 9am start time you run the risk of not being able to participate in the ride, Please review non refundable policy.

Bring lunch with you!!

Save time the morning of the ride!

Please visit to fill out Off Road Consulting's online waiver!

Please visit to fill out the AOAA online waiver!!

**If you are signing up for the blue guided trail ride we highly recommend that you have had previous experience with driving on technical/advanced trail levels. Stock vehicles may scratch and other body damage is a risk. We  recommend appropriate modifications for advanced trail levels. Please note the ride will accommodate the least capable vehicle.**

**Cancellations, postponements made 24 hours or less from your scheduled class, event, service, guided ride, adventure ride including Gift Certificates and Frequent Wheeler Program purchased through Off Road Consulting, LLC are 100% non refundable.